An immersive Yoga experience with 3D poses

Experience Yoga in a whole new way by projecting 20 poses in Augmented Reality wherever you are. With Yoga Solo, relax your body and quiet your mind anytime, anywhere.

Choose among the three levels of breathing exercises available in “Settings” - beginner, intermediate and advanced - and let your teacher guide you.

Benefit from a large and customizable offer of poses, breathing exercises and meditation sessions to take your Yoga practice to the next level!

Keep track of your progress and save your favorite sessions to access them easily, at anytime.

All the Yoga guidance you need, step-by-step

- Our recommendations for a safe practice
- Our tips to introduce Yoga equipment in your practice
- Guided breathing in each video

340 videos in Full HD with step-by-step explanations

- Our recommendations for a safe practice
- Tips for using yoga accessories
- Guided breathing in each video

Customizable sessions for yogis of all levels!

Customize your own video lessons directly in the app with poses recommended by level and theme to adapt your practice as your goals evolve.


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AR Yoga Poses


Yoga Poses






Breathing Exercices


AR Yoga Poses



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Notre équipe

Franck Laroque

Président / Professeur de Yoga

David Marciano

Chef de projet

Mathilde Congiu

Chef de projet adjoint

Lionel Goldgewicht


Dante Sorgentini

Monteur vidéo / Modeleur 3D


You can subscribe for one month, three months, or one year. Once your membership has ended, it will renew itself automatically for the same amount of time, unless you cancel it before the end date.

You can modify or cancel your membership in your settings. These changes will start at the end of your current membership.

On your dashboard, you will find tips and randomly selected 3D poses that change every time you open the app.
You will also find your history that will show the number of poses, sessions, breathing exercises, and meditations as well as the amount of audio or visual material you have played.

The Yoga Solo app includes 342 poses of which 18 are available in augmented reality, 50 meditation and relaxation sessions, 11 breathing techniques (with 101 variations), 3 bandhas (energetic locks), and 3 mudras (the tongue, hands, and visual fixations).

The poses are divided into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, which are distributed into sub-levels. They can also be filtered by type (depending on the starting pose, the movement category, or the muscles groups that will be worked on).

The sessions are sequences of poses. They are also categorized by level and theme.

The meditations are divided in 3 categories: 2 levels (beginner and advanced) and quick 1-minute meditations.

The breathing exercises are not specifically classified but, for each one, the different variations are in order of difficulty.

You can filter the poses and sessions by level/sub-levels or by type/theme. This way, you can choose the sessions that are best suited for your level and needs.

Each pose has one or many types that indicate the starting position (standing, on the ground, sitting, on the side), the movement category (flexion, extension, rotation, lateral stretch, inversion, balancing, dynamic) or the muscles trained (back, stomach, arms, shoulders, hamstrings). We also included the word “important” to indicate the poses you should prioritize during your practice.

On the other hand, the themes indicate a specific workout or endurance (back, abs, dynamic, athletic) and general objectives (restful sleep, weight loss, stress relief, and relaxation).

Sessions can be “classic” (without a particular theme) or focused on one of the previously mentioned themes. Also, we designed shorter sequences for the days you have less time to practice.

When you click on the reading button, the poses download right away. If you are not connected to Internet, an alert message will pop up.

You can also download the sessions by clicking on the read button. A blue circle will indicate the download’s progression. When you download a session, you are also downloading all the poses it contains.

The meditations, relaxations, and breathing exercises will download directly when you click on them. By default, the bandhas and mudras are in the app.

When you watch a session or a pose, it will automatically appear in the “recent” list. The most recent pose or session will appear at the top.

You can also save poses and sessions in your favorites by clicking on the star at the top of the screen.

You can either edit the session directly from an existing session or you can create a new session in the \“personalized sessions\” tab.

Then, you can modify your session by choosing its title, level, and theme by moving, adding, or deleting poses. Note: you cannot have more than 15 poses in a session.

You can create a new session in the \“personalized session\” tab. You can choose the title, level, and theme, and add the poses you want.

In some poses, it is better to not come back to the starting pose between the right and left side movements. In the video, both sides are done one after the other. The right pose is the one that starts with the right side, and vice versa.

You can delete the data you downloaded in the download center. All your data will be deleted, including the personalized sessions you created. However, your settings will stay the same.

For each pose, we offer 3 different breathing levels according to the level you chose in your settings. You can also delete the breathing pause or manage your breathing freely (the timing will be the one from the intermediate level).

All the words and expressions related to yoga and the technical or anatomical terms are defined in the glossary, accessible in your dashboard under \“Others\”.

You must be connected to Internet to subscribe and download new data. However, you can practice without being connected to Internet if the poses, sessions, meditations, and breathing exercises were previously downloaded. Take this opportunity to practice yoga in nature!

For now, Yoga Solo is available in English and French, but new languages are in the works. Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date as our app evolves!

Click on the AR icon in your dashboard or in the pose. The first time, you will see a pop-up asking for your authorization to access your video camera. Accept and position your device in front of you: the app recognizes the surfaces; all you need to do is click on the desired surface so that your teacher appears. Take a step back, come up closer, or go around the teacher. Some older devices are not compatible. Find more information about AR and the compatible devices in the \“Others\” and \“help\” tabs.